Perfect Wedding Fragrances

Our fragrances are unique blends of certified organically grown & organic wildcrafted botanical extracts and essences.

Parfums are matured in certified organic jojoba oil and the eau de parfum and cologne are matured in a pure alcohol base.

Appreciated by both men and women, our fragrances are considered unisex.

Freedom Scents Luxury Fragrances

All our fragrances are hand crafted with the very finest of natures ingredients by
Freedom Scents perfume house ensuring the very finest quality at all times.


Jacqueline is a bright and sensual perfume. A subtle botanical musk accord diffuses the floral heart of this delightful perfume.This uplifting scent is inspired by notes found in time-honored and well-loved perfume creations in the Oriental~Floral perfume family.

Feminine and elusive, gorgeous rose dances with heavenly patchouli, uplifted with sweet orange, grapefruit, and bergamot and piqued with exquisite jasmine and vetiver - for a real feel-good fragrance.

Jacqueline is available as both a parfum and an eau de parfum.

Perfect Life

Perfect Life is a complex fragrance, that really celebrates the exceptional ingredients in its formula. It's opening is extremely fresh with an exotic sweet edge that deepens with Madagascan ylang ylang, African neroli, Egyptian jasmine to name a few.

It has a luscious, woody come-down that retains its freshness throughout, with delicious undertones reminiscent of truffles and dark, wildflower honey.

Perfect Life is available as both a parfum and an eau de parfum

5th Dimension

The intensely fresh opening notes of {Eau de} 5th Dimension create a powerful ambiance all of their own. Uplifting bergamot, lemon & neroli sing out, followed by exotic ylang-ylang & jasmine, accompanied by rose otto hiding in the heart.

This perfumes story expands into another dimension to welcome sensuous sandalwood & amber notes, gently grounded with a deep, earthy harmony of vanilla & patchouli with a vetiver edge.


{Eau de} Kabloom unisex fragrance opens with black tea & fresh bergamot top notes that diffuse with a deep bouquet of clove spiked orchid notes and smoky rose.

The composition settles comfortably in a bed of earthy base notes of patchouli and plant musk.


An otherworldly experience in a bottle, where both timeless and contemporary notes harmonize together to create the unusual Sentient head-space.

Distinctly seductive Egyptian jasmine is enriched with Himalayan cedarwood and honeyed Incense notes create a truly alien perfume, mellowed with Madagascan vanilla and botanical musk, then subtly anchored with Indian vetiver to terraform your aura with an extraterrestrial mystery.
The only thing earthly about this perfume is the ingredients!
Sentient is available as both a parfum and an eau de parfum


This subtle, sensual scent opens with a lively, earthy, spicy punch and has some seriously heady, smoky sweet undertones ~ and what a combination!

Intoxicating Egyptian jasmine is heightened with subtle iris notes. Its aromatic heart is mellowed by a smoky Madagascan vanilla & the dry down enriched by a warm botanical labdanum musk sourced from the mountains of the Mediterranean.

Fortuity is a complex spirited unisex fragrance.

Available as both a parfum and an eau de parfum.

Gold Fusion

{Eau de} Gold Fusion is a rich, luxurious fragrance. Opening notes of sweet, fresh raspberries are lifted with lemon and enriched with African orange blossom and Egyptian Jasmine.

Unfolding wildflower honey notes evolve and the fragrance further deepens with luscious caramel and amber accords.


Fresh, spicy notes add a clear, passionate kick to {Eau de} Quintessential's light, fruity top notes. In the heart, orchid and iris notes ease through with verdant damask rose, that are gradually enveloped by soft amber and botanical musk accords.

Unisex Quintessential is a little pleasure nudge.


This rich & delectable fragrance; {Eau de} Celestial is swiftly intoxicating jasmine is heightened with a deeply comforting & subtle chocolaty aroma.

Warm, softly resinous undertones of sandalwood and patchouli blend with smoky, honeyed - caramel notes for a lovely, intimate scent for men & women ~ ideal for evening.

Dark Matter

A fascinating blend of piquant, pink pepper, light pear notes & orange blossom tease you into the {Eau de} Dark Matter experience.

Expansive heart notes unfold with curious, smoky florals & envelop you in an earthy, honeyed woodiness.

A favorite unisex fragrance.


A fresh blend of lemon and uplifting bergamot, with a satisfying lavender dry down piqued with woody spice.

Highlander is our newest fragrance, traditionally a cologne, this fragrance is received well and worn by women, making it a fabulous unisex scent.

Our flora and fauna-friendly Perfume, Eau de Parfum, and Colognes resonate with authenticity.

Lifting the mood and enhancing the experience.

The fragrances harmonize beautifully with each other, imagine the splendor of a space
filled with the authentic, natural fragrance of the worlds most luxurious aromas wafting on the air!